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Overseas Degree Equivalence



Service for attaining Overseas Degree Equivalence service that can be accessed online through


  • Register online to create an account
  • Complete the registration form
  • Upload documents
  • Documents will be assessed by an officer
  • The overseas degree equivalence team will evaluate
  • The applicant receives their Overseas Degree Equivalence Letter


  • The original copy of the diploma and transcript must be scanned and uploaded. If the diploma and transcript are not in English, then a translated version in either English or Indonesian done by a sworn translator must also be submitted.
  • Original copy of the diploma for any other education levels achieved
  • Transcript of Records, academic records, and (if relevant) supplementary diploma from overseas studying. If the transcript is not in English then a translated version in either English or Indonesian done by a sworn translator must also be submitted.
  • All pages of the passport and visa used during the study period (except for Masters and Doctorate by Research)
  • The dissertation (doctorate) or thesis (masters) or final project or thesis (for bachelors) must be uploaded (and must include the Title, Abstract, and Conclusion). If the language used is not English then a translated version in English must also be attached.
  • Academic article that has been published in an internationally reputable journal for Doctorate students. Should the Higher Education Institute concerned not require the publication of an academic article then a letter explaining this from the Higher Education Institute must also be submitted.
  • The academic course catalogue or outline (in English) for the degree in question, which includes information regarding the curriculum or academic program of the Higher Education Institute. If the catalogue is available online, a link to it may be provided.
  • Graduates of Higher Education Institutes in China must include their China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) which is provided by the government of China free of charge.
  • If the passport and visa are missing, a letter must be submitted from the higher education institute to confirm that the individual has studied there.
  • Civil servants are required to attach a letter of permission for higher study from the state secretariat.
  • For applicants whose Higher Education Institutes and academic disciplines are not yet registered in the Overseas Degree Equivalence system, a recognition letter of the Higher Education Institute and the academic discipline from the local government or the Accreditation Body or the local Republic of Indonesia Representatives must be attached.
  • For applicants who have received their degrees through online study programs must also submit a certificate stating the online course they have completed is recognised by the Government or with the local Accrediting Body. There is no equivalent for Doctorate online programs.
  • When receiving the Equivalence Decree, the applicant is required to bring 2 recent passport sized (3x4cm) formal photos for each degree that needs equivalence.