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Third Internal Quality Assurance International Seminar


In continuation of the successful conferences in Makassar and Riau, DGHE will host the 3rd International Conference on IQA 2019. Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) in higher education has become one of the most important strategies in monitoring and managing quality of HEIs. This is especially relevant in the context of rapid global expansion and diversification, where a mutual collaboration among Government, HEIs, and QA Practicioners to formulate the best approach for implementation of IQA is highly required. The 3rd International Conference of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) 2019, selects the topic of “Higher Education 4.0 Strengthening Internal Quality Assurance Toward International Recognition” , will bring international perspectives through dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The conference aims to provide current information on strengthening internal quality assurance toward international recognition for academics, practitioners, and policy makers as well as stakeholders. Moreover, this event provides a forum to stimulate idea, share good practices, research, evidences and lesson learned among participants and leaders of HEIs in both national and international. The conference also provides a platform for policy makers to reformulate higher education quality assurance policy and find out an effective strategy. A number of prominent speakers and leaders of universities, higher education quality assurance practitioners and higher education-related policy makers.